Luscious locks, for day and evening

Ever have one of those days....  you know, those days where you don't really know exactly how to do your hair because you've got to work hard all day, but you need to look fabulous at night.

Allow me to introduce a whole new perspective of fabulous day-to-night styles. In this particular blog post, I'll be introducing you to one of my favorites that is loosely based on a hairstyle I had developed for a Jess Abernethy runway show. 

Part of why I love this look is because you can set your hair on damp, clean, or day-old hair. Once the set is in place, wrap a scarf of choice on the edges, go about your day, and then comb it out for an evening transformation. Often, this is a great choice for travel, as a silk scarf will keep you frizz-free while you doze in transit, even overnight! Working harder than that? Choose a cotton scarf to absorb any perspiration.  

In this time lapse video, on my Instagram account, you can see that it only took 15 minutes to achieve, and that I wasn't working really hard for tidy sections.   (see below)

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