BANG BANG with the best of them...

Is it time to cut bangs???

I've been in the hair industry for over 22 years and this is still something I struggle with! Its at least once a year that I regret a choice that was made, or I'm talking myself into toughing out a grow out, or I'm convinced its TIME to do it again!

So, just what does one take into account in this process? Here are my personal criteria for a big hair change:

  • Do I have a major life change happening? I always want bangs when I'm in a moment of chaos.
    • Pick out some great fringe photos, pin them to the wall and think on it for a week or two.
  • What season is coming up? Will I be more active? Will I be likely to blow out my bangs and make give the cut the attention it deserves?
    • Factor in that summer is really sweaty.  I usually wait till fall. Products like the Alfa Parf Humidity Blocker can really change your day.
  • Have I had the same old style for too long?
    • Cut it. It grows back
  • Has my health changed?
    • Many health changes can change our hair! Things like anesthesia, vitamin D deficiency, pregnancy, thyroid issues, and stress can have a huge effect on our tresses. The Plumping Set from Kevin Murphy is designed to help your follicles recover from all sorts of chemical and physical stress factors.  Start with your stylist, but follow up with your doctor.
  • Are my curls a challenge?

The best thing about hair is that it is a renewable resource! No matter what you choose, there are a million different ways to style, pin, twist, accessorize, blow out, iron, and coif. Take some chances, enjoy every millimeter that serves you. Whether you like it long or short, the biggest regrets I hear are from folks that never tried something new.

I hope this has been helpful! Looking forward to seeing you in the salon!